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What is going on with TAFE SA?


  • Rick says:

    Thanks Wendy, reading the Asqa report, I’m not sure any tafe course would pass that audit rigor ATM, I think tafe for many years has taken competency standards / performance criteria as a general guide but the applied the “but we are tafe and we know what industry wants” …… Remember for many years tafe were self auditing …… That said, I think the audit report being released public ally on the tafe said website is a good wake up call for all RTOs … The commentary about the first aid practical skill demonstration is interesting as I have done CPR recently with my students with three other non tafe RTOs and I don’t think any of them met the literal interpretation of each performance criteria.

    I fear the TAFE stuff now will spin out of control.

  • AnneBowden says:

    Good morning Wendy. Your distress at this situation is very apparent in the video. I realise this is a sweeping statement, however I think the issues uncovered at TAFE SA should be reviewed in light of other major impacts on the VET sector at present. For example, NCVER’s recent Financial Information 2016 Report (, showing decreases in Federal Government funding of 27.3 per cent from 2015; and 12.8 per cent from state and territory government from 2015. Whilst fee-for-service is changing the mix of offerings in VET, there was only a 2.9 per increase in this funding source since 2015. There is no excuse for professionals to provide sub-standard programs, however as you point out in your video the cause of these issues will be interesting. Leaders have an important role in ensuring the professionals in their organisation have the best practice advice on how to provide such services. I will be watching with great interest.

  • DonMiranda says:

    well worth watching

  • JenMiller says:

    Well stated Wendy. Great commentary. Thank you for putting out there what we are all thinking.

  • Very clear and relevant to not only TAFE SA I am sorry to say. Lets hope those in wider Government also wake up to the giant crisis occurring in training for the future across all inputs.

  • SusanHyde says:

    The same could be said for the government’s focus in school education. Once known as the hub for progressive education, the state has taken up the reductionist approach of measuring school children on low level basic skills and focussing teachers to teach to the test, rather than inspire our children to discover their talents and build their skills and knowledge that are relevant to their interests, hopes and dreams. At the same time the government has put a focus on STEM without exploring the capacity of teachers to ensure students can follow their interests.

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