TVET International

Workforce BluePrint provides products and services in workforce planning, capability development and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for international clients and projects including:

  • Advisory and consultancy services – professional development, short course programs, study tours and fellowships.
  • Analysis of training needs – provision of short courses and custom designed training programs aligned with international best practice TVET delivery.
  • Conference key notes and presentations
  • Curriculum research, development and evaluation – design, development and provision of education and training curriculum and learning materials; development of high quality competency based curricula to meet the needs of industry and the community; quantitative and qualitative program evaluation.
  • Delegation hosting and tours of Australian best practice including entrepreneurship, industry development, job creation, youth engagement, workforce planning and development in action.
  • Educational strategies and frameworks – planning, design and coordination of the development of Vocational Education and Training delivery models in line with government, industry and community priorities; training needs analysis, strategic planning and advice to institutes, national industry skills councils and government agencies.
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and industry development, building global connections and partnerships.
  • Product development – capability frameworks and training needs analysis; provision of workplace assessment and training.

Examples include Taking Business to the Next Level –A Course for technology enabled start-up/business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in Indonesia with the following learning objectives:

1.    Identify how to connect businesses with market opportunities, use support networks and leverage existing business networks
2.    Improve the pitch and investment proposal to attract investors
3.    Identify how to access finance and capital for international growth of business
4.    Understand the importance of business analyses (competitor, market, business, product) and how to respond to external challenges
5.    Analyse key stakeholders and identify ways to connect business with markets, develop business networks and leverage existing networks (including strategies to develop stronger networks and business contacts with start-ups in Australia)
6.    Analyse key drivers (legal, political, environment, economic, socio-cultural and technological) that impact start-ups
7.    Understand how to undertake competitor and product analyses and how to respond to the challenges (five forces: existing competitors, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants and users)
8.    Develop business and marketing plans (analyses, strategies, operational plans, monitoring, financial management) to operate a sustainable business
9.    Understand the importance of integrated marketing communications, including social media, branding and public relations
10.  Understand culture’s role in international business
11.  Further develop strategies to utilise technology and respond to changes in technology use

Focusing on enabling the agri-business sector in Mindanao, Philippines the fellowship assisted MinDA’s implementation of the ‘Mindanao Development Corridors’ strategy in terms of ensuring inclusive development particularly to host communities, develop a framework for increasing trade competitiveness of the agri-business sector through modern and acceptable farm management and practices, sustain agri-investments through proper risk planning/management, conform to standards on product safety, and enhance trade development through effective international marketing/promotion and export strategies.

Developing a cadre of Ecuadorian business supporters who will especially promote women’s participation in international trade through strategic sectors was the focus for Fostering Women in Trade: International Business Skills for Women in Business (Ecuador).  The program seeks to strengthen the capacity of ProEcuador in providing support to Ecuadorian businesses particularly in the Creative Industries, where there is an intensive participation of women in business.

Building capacity of TVET Authority and its partners within the Ministry Education to develop a holistic and inclusive workforce development plan, mainly to address high unemployment in the Maldives, low level of skills, and high dependency on expatriate skills supply.

Hosting a delegation of 25 hand-picked entrepreneurs from Indonesia made for an amazing program meeting business leaders, entrepreneurs, industry heads, investors and Ministers in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra.

Working alongside industry leaders from Bhutan, a program on Human Resource Development and Planning saw an intensive learning experience in Australia, followed by implementation with industry associations in Bhutan.

Speaking alongside the President of Fiji, Wendy presented on The Key to Employer and Industry TVET partnerships, with 38 countries represented at the World TVET Conference 2016 in Suva, Fiji.

A 2016 trip to the USA saw the launch of the Global Workforce Architects Program during SXSW and connections developed in San Francisco, Austin, New York and Las Vegas.

At the request of the DTC, Workforce BluePrint met a delegation from India where the focus was on solving skilling issues on such a large scale.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Women’s Leadership in Business, Trade and Economic Development, was the topic of a tour and panel for a delegation of women from Mongolia and Indonesia that Wendy Perry was asked to speak on for Flinders University in October 2015.

In August 2015, Head Workforce Planner, Wendy Perry delivered a key note address at the World TVET Conference in Sarawak, Malaysia on Innovation through Partnerships and Collaboration in TVET.

At the conference there were 1000+ delegates from 28 different countries that Workforce BluePrint team members connected and they met colleagues from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency in Singapore regarding Adult Educators professionalism.

Co-hosted by QUT, Workforce BluePrint spoke on economic and workforce development, entrepreneurship and innovation with a Philippines delegation in June 2015.

Strengthening Governance through Building Capacity in Workforce Planning and Development was the topic of a 6 week program for a delegation of leaders from Bhutan, co-facilitated by Workforce BluePrint and QUT.  The delegates were hosted in Canberra, Adelaide, Mildura, Robinvale, Melbourne and Brisbane with a comprehensive applied learning experience including Australian VET Policy Framework and Government Context, Workforce Planning and Development in Action.  This resulted in the development of a TVET Blueprint and National Workforce Plan for Bhutan.

Together with partner QUT, an assignment for the Ministry of Education in Maldives and the Ministry of Labour in Bhutan (in country) included:

  • Implementing National Apprenticeship Framework
  • Strengthening Industry-Institute Linkages and Mentoring Program at Schools and Institutes
  • Workforce Development and Planning

The following topics were covered:

  • Presentation of working models of partnerships
  • Apprenticeships in workforce development
  • National TVET leadership and agencies
  • Industry, TVET in schools, regional, school based apprenticeships, self-employment, small business, social enterprise models, operational issues and case studies
  • Mentoring programs for youth and workforce development
  • Workforce planning and development for industry sectors and the country
  • Development of workforce action plan
  • Advice on Bhutan’s National Human Resource Development Roadmap

This involved the customisation of the presentation with practical examples, facilitation, engagement and evidence collection for action planning purposes, meeting with Ministers and key stakeholders, model and case study presentation highlighting good practice, advice on TVET, workforce planning and development.

Indonesia and Mongolia delegation

Wendy Perry worldtvet201560a

New Sarawak Tribune, Friday, 4 September 2015, pg. 5

Philippines delegation

Bhutan delegation

STEP program

Wendy in Bhutan

A professional and generous colleague, Wendy communicated and connected very well with our clients.  Her strength of knowledge and practical experience across TVET, workforce planning and development is a unique combination.  I recommend Wendy Perry to you and I look forward to working with her on upcoming assignments for international capability and capacity building.”

Mr Nelson Salangsang, Manager – International Projects, Office of Commercial Services, Queensland University of Technology.