Workforce Plan Generator™

The Workforce Plan Generator™ takes you through the TAKE ACTION system to build a workforce plan, collates all your evidence, assists with the analysis of your workforce information, data and feedback, and produces a workforce plan whenever you need one.  It’s ideal for organisations across all industry sectors with the capability to aggregate plans from multiple enterprises, across industries and regions.

You can decide the number of users you need (with pricing per user) or the numbers of plans including:

  • an annual licence for the Workforce Plan Generator™
  • social media links to keep up to date with news, announcements and emerging practice
  • eguide and tutorial videos on how to use the tool

How does the Workforce Plan Generator work™?

Using a chatbot, the Workforce Plan Generator will ask you questions to populate your workforce plan with evidence and insight, providing potential solutions and suggestions for workforce development strategies.  You can start and stop at any time, add to or edit and download your workforce plan.

Who should licence the Workforce Plan Generator™?

Organisation licence (1 – multiple users) – Employers, Enterprises, Government Agencies and Organisations who are ready to build a workforce plan using a systematised, easy to follow process.

Your next step is to register for your organisation licence via this link:

and you can purchase the tool for 1 user via this link:

Association licence (1 – multiple workforce plans)

To purchase an association licence starting with one workforce plan go to: