Workforce Architects™ Program

Global Workforce Architects™ Program

Interested in building your skills and practice in workforce planning & development?

Design a workforce plan in 6 weeks & join a global community by registering for the Workforce Architects Program!

 The presenter is a wonderful, knowledgeable resource, this coupled with the opportunity for mentoring and group work = excellence!

“…thank you for the Workforce Architects™ Program that you delivered so well”

“I am very grateful that you have made a recording of each of the webinars available to be reviewed and I have indeed listened to and enjoyed the series.”

After many years’ experience solving workforce problems and linking this insight into education, Workforce BluePrint has designed and delivers a professional program in workforce planning and development that extends your capabilities.

The Global Workforce Architects Program is suitable for training institutions, business and industry representatives, consultants, economic and regional development practitioners, human resource, organisation development, vocational education and training leaders and practitioners.  Taking a systematised approach to workforce planning and delivered digitally, participants receive video and downloadable resources with live online coaching sessions to build a workforce plan over 6 weeks.

Register now fort he next program starting 30 May 2017.

Answers to your Questions

What is a Workforce Architect?

Workforce Architects assist enterprises, organisations, industry sectors, regions and countries in undertaking workforce planning and development.  They may play an internal consultancy role or work with clients, customers and partners externally.

Who are Workforce Architects?

People who want to develop or update a workforce plan within their own enterprise/organisation such as Business Owners/Managers, Human Resource, Training and Organisational Development practitioners.  Intermediaries who may be advising and supporting enterprises/organisations to undertake workforce development and planning such as TVET or Vocational Education and Training (VET) Practitioners, Service Skill Organisation advisors, Small-Medium Enterprise and Regional Development Australia advisors.  Facilitators of Economic, Industry and Regional Development who want to produce an evidence based workforce plan for a council/shire, industry association/sector, infrastructure project, region or country.

What will I learn?

Learning outcomes from this program include:

  • Developing skills and practice in workforce planning and development
  • Utilising human resource information to formulate a strategic workforce plan
  • Building consultancy capabilities with an understanding of workforce, careers, jobs and skills shifts into the future
  • Undertaking training needs analysis and skills profiling
  • Implementing workforce development and success strategies
  • Managing diverse and flexible workforces, organisation development and people performance
  • Providing leadership and extending creative thinking skills
  • Joining a global community who are focused on solving workforce problems and applying vocational education and training as one solution

Global Workforce Architects Program explained



What is the certification for Workforce Architects?

Certification as a Workforce Architect is achieved by completing the program and providing evidence of the outcomes and application of your learning i.e. a workforce plan.  Workforce Architects™ is mapped to units of competency from Australian National Training Packages as you may be interested in evidence towards evidence for units of competency or qualifications.

What are you investing in?

The Global Workforce Architects Program is run over 6 weeks and includes video content delivered via email and live sessions each week.  You will learn a systematised approach to workforce planning and development with access to the Workforce Plan Generator if you wish so you can produce a workforce plan.

The program begins with an online skills self-assessment which will help to identify your strengths and gaps to focus on and your learning will be supported by a downloadable Guide to Workforce Planning and Development, access to a secret Facebook group and coaching sessions to fit in with your schedule.

When you have completed your first robust workforce plan, you’ll be able to gain the relevant Workforce Architects level and you will be invited to join the Global Workforce Architects community where you’ll find connections and resources.

What if your workplace doesn’t support you to undertake this program?

You may see this as a challenge and the program works equally well for people working on a workforce plan for their own organisations or another.  This could be just the opportunity to show initiative, develop valuable skills, show what you can do and gain insight into a variety of organisations, industry sectors and regions.

As the content is delivered flexibly, you can access the materials and resources whenever it suits you.  You may be happy to undertake the project without the support of your workplace, as you see it as an investment in your own future and, hopefully, a benefit you can bring to your organisation in time.

How can building a workforce plan, without an organisation as a focus, be achievable?

If you can’t use your own organisation to build a workforce plan consider who else could you do this for – think laterally and perhaps there is an organisation you are aware of which would value and benefit from this project.  This might be a charity or not for profit organisation that you  could approach.

Completing a workforce plan is not absolutely necessary for the program, more for the certification as a Workforce Architect.

Can a Workforce Architects Program be run for us?

If an association, organisation, industry, region or country wishes to have a Workforce Architects™ program designed specifically for your needs, and you have a number of people interested, then a quote can be provided via

How do I register?

Register now for the next Workforce Architects program starting on 30 May 2017 plus send an email with your resume, bio and/or LinkedIn profile to