Over January and February 2013, I had the pleasure of working on two international programs with Wendy Perry, Managing Director of Wendy Perry and Associates Pty Ltd and Head Workforce Planner at Workforce BluePrint.  A professional and generous colleague, Wendy communicated and connected very well with our clients.  Her strength of knowledge and practical experience across Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), workforce planning and development is a unique combination.  I recommend Wendy Perry to you and I look forward to working with her on upcoming assignments for international capability and capacity building.  Testimonial from Mr Nelson Salangsang, Manager – International Projects, Office of Commercial Services, Queensland University of Technology.


Wendy presents a unique balance of business acumen, dedication, and a strong family focus she is also a serious supporter of environmental sustainability programs. Through Workforce BluePrint Wendy consults nationally and internationally in both private and public corporations, where her expertise in workforce planning and people development is widely respected. As a colleague and friend of Wendy and her family for many years, I am proud to be one of her business associates and like others I benefit from her support and counsel, Glen Hoppo, Principal, Positive Effect.


Intelligent, clear thinking and with a track record of success makes Wendy a leader in workforce development & competency frame works. Her facilitation and excellent mentoring skills, combined with a structured approach will make Wendy a highly valuable partner for any company seeking improvement in the field of Workforce development. I can highly recommend Wendy, Ilona Solinska, Business Development Consultant at Southern Success Business Enterprise Centre.


I have known Wendy in varying capacities for some 12 years and highly recommend her. She is innovative and professional in her approach, and a strong advocate for training providers and the industry. She is leading the field in workforce planning through innovative solutions resulting in sustainable outcomes, Julie Inglis, Managing Director at Learning Potential International Pty Ltd.


Wendy has a passionate commitment to workforce planning and skills development. In addition to this being core business for her, Wendy takes on community leadership roles in this critical aspect of regional economic development. In this regard she is very effective, Brian Hales, Economic Development Advisor, City of Onkaparinga.


Wendy has a strong understanding of workforce development frameworks and is an excellent source of information on workforce development funding and government policy. I have found Wendy to be an excellent and engaging facilitator, Darlene Voss, Manager, Education Partnerships, Flinders University.


Wendy has a deep understanding of workforce competency frameworks and development methodologies. Her facilitation skills combined with systematic approach to tasks have provided many companies with great outcomes, David Morgan, Managing Director at Explain IT Pty Ltd.


Wendy is an intelligent and generous mentor and contributes greatly to the VET landscape through the distillation and distribution of insightful comment and information relating to national and state trends in relation to workforce planning and development. She demonstrates national leadership in VET and innovation in workforce planning and development, engaging with regional, enterprise and international groups to effect sustainable change for all stakeholders. Wendy’s clear vision and nimbleness has been exemplified through Workforce BluePrint’s swift realisation of the possibilities afforded by high speed broadband, successfully building NBN capability within her own and partner businesses, with great outcomes. I highly recommend Wendy Perry as an first rate partner for any enterprise, Nina McMahon.


Wendy’s expertise in Workforce planning has been made really obvious to me in partnering with her in a number of projects. She uses absolutely 21st Century skills to collect, collate and analyse data that is invaluable to organisations for workplace planning. In particular, I have worked with Wendy where she uses online products for workforce development and workforce planning. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you want someone with top level expertise in these two fields, with absolute commitment to her clients and projects, and with great flexibility to meet clients’ needs, Anne Bowden, Learning and Assessment Leader at TAFE NSW.


Wendy Perry is dedicated to supporting training providers, practitioners and enterprise to combine in a way that enables them to make the most of the training system. She links business planning and strategy to the training that is required, working with multiple stakeholders to tailor responses. She is also generous in giving back to the vocational training sector, disseminating best practice examples of her work as well as tools, resources and briefings. If you don’t already know her, it’s time to make her acquaintance, Angela Elson, Senior Project Officer, Market Facilitation.


What I love about working with Wendy is being able to interact with her natural curiosity. Her probing questions and keen interest in understanding how things work and why suggested actions are likely to be the best, lead to rich consultation sessions and outcomes infused with innovation and functionality, Steve Davis, Marketing Director, Baker Marketing Services.


I have known Wendy for about 10 years and commitment to her work and clients has always been evident. Wendy has a deep knowledge of workforce planning and the impact of digital enterprise on today’s modern workplace and workforce. With strong ties to the community and small business I would recommend Wendy and her team to any business looking to understand the long term needs of their workforce, Deirdre Albrighton, CEO Albrighton Consulting and Training Services.