Workforce Planning and Development in Action



With an approach combining structured learning and networking activities including organisational meetings, see workforce planning and workforce development strategies in action.

1. Hosted in innovation centres, coworking spaces, at TVET providers and Universities a week of site visits can include:

  • supporting entrepreneurs with free use of software, devices to develop applications, mentoring and connections, board room and facilities
  • accessing and using data from the national VET administrative collections and surveys plus the new research priorities
  • how is data on workforce demand, development training and qualifications captured, analysed and disseminated?
  • tour of coworking space and business incubator
  • tour of leading TVET providers
  • tour of University and coworking space encouraging entrepreneurs)
  • regional networks - hear about how a region is implementing a collaborative workforce action plan
  • designing workforce development solutions and policy to address problems or needs
  • Workforce Planners and Developers Network including leading practitioners and VIPs including Ministers and representatives from government

2. Approaches to workforce planning and development for industry sectors, regions, enterprises and government covers:

  • Analysing your results from workforce planning
  • ENGAGE system
  • panel of 'best of' examples and industry speakers including agriculture, building and construction, community services and health sector, creative industries, defence industry, education, food, resources and mining sector, tech, tourism, wine
  • Industry Training Levy – how does it work? What is it used for?
  • government policy and planning for jobs of the future
  • how is data on workforce demand, development training and qualifications captured, analysed and disseminated

3. Regional workforce planning and development has to be experienced to be understood with tours and visits to meet:

  • TVET providers - partnerships and skills profiling
  • Universities - articulation pathways
  • Schools - preparing young people for regional jobs
  • Regional Workforce Development Strategy - enterprise workforce planning and development & discussion on industry partnerships
  • Key employers - role in regional workforce planning and development
  • Networking with regional stakeholders (local food and produce)

4. Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation including young entrepreneurs and capacity building:

  • Partnerships and programs for 16-25 year olds
  • Work experience programs
  • TVET provider capability and capacity - institutional change
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Industry led workforce development initiatives and how TVET providers respond
  • Refining workforce development strategies and approaches
  • Action planning - overview

Contact Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint via to design a program that suits you.

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