On the Job Training and Assessment

An engaging half day forum with an aim of flipping the thinking of participants towards believing in the workplace training and assessment approach.


The session outcomes can be customised to suit you and may include:

  • Understand the shift in employer views and demand towards on the job training and assessment
  • Discuss the impact reform has had on the provider and reasons for the loss of apprentice numbers
  • Identify ways that facilities could be utilised possibly for intensive training
  • Shift team members thinking away from associating on the job with ticking and flicking
  • Outlining the opportunity to work with the latest equipment, practices and tools
  • Show in a practical sense what a day would be like in the life of a workplace trainer and assessor
  • Build upon culture change and move closer towards what employers and students want with an on the job approach

An outline of the session covers:

  1. Introduction and overview for workplace training and assessment
  2. How to build rapport with the employer and apprentice/student quickly whilst establishing yourself as the expert in the room
  3. Negotiating the training plan to meet everyone’s needs overcoming conflict and disagreement
  4. Pain free assessment practices and the good life of a workplace trainer and assessor
  5. Summary and next steps

For further information and a quote, please email wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au, thank you.

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