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Do you want to get all of your HR policies and procedures, employment contracts and job descriptions sorted out?

This 1 day hands on workshop is a ‘must’ for you if you are an employer who wants to get your systems and procedures related to hiring and managing staff done and dusted.  You can use templates and documents to cut and paste from to create your own HR resources.

Bring your laptop to the workshop you can work on them then and there - when you leave you’ll go home with a big chunk your work completed.  The entire time you will be in the company of peers with Workforce BluePrint facilitators to provide support.

What’s covered?

  • Develop your policy for attracting and recruiting good staff including identifying needs, creating job descriptions and flexible employment packages
  • Develop your policies and systems for performance management, outlining expectations & responsibilities
  • Check relevant awards build information into employment contracts
  • Create competency based job descriptions
  • Create or refine your policy for termination of employment
  • Get peer feedback from business people facing similar challenges to you

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