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Youth Pilot Programmes – how not to keep young people unemployed

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In an effort to address youth unemployment in Australia, two new initiatives were recently announced by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Industry, The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP:

  • Training for Employment Scholarships
  • Youth Employment Pathways

“Youth unemployment rates are unacceptable”, says Wendy Perry, however “I disagree with this blanket statement in the discussion paper,

Many employers are hesitant to take on unskilled or new workers as in-house training is resource intensive and external training is costly.” (pg. 2 Youth Pilot Programmes Discussion Paper)

Most employers I know and work with, have a genuine commitment evidenced by their willingness to employ young people giving them experience and training.”

Connecting with the broader Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda, the Youth Pilot Programmes completely miss a huge opportunity to encourage young people to considering an entrepreneurial pathway.

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Live Learn Earn – new initiatives for Young People plus Australian Apprenticeships

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The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP has announced two new programs for young unemployed people:

  • $38 million for Training for Employment Scholarship
  • 3000 places Youth Employment Pathways programmes

With a total of $44 million all up for both initiatives as well as $200 million/year for a new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network to lift apprenticeship completion rates

“Every space in skills, training, group training and Apprenticeships will become more competitive”, says The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP.

There is more reform to come, maybe even a name change to something like the Australian Industry Skills System where employer, industry, employment services and Registered Training Organisation partnerships will be key.

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