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Driving Darwin’s economic growth through workforce attraction and retention

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A 20-year blueprint to develop Northern Australia as an ‘economic powerhouse’ is set to transform Darwin.  $600 million will be dedicated to roads, in addition to the $100 million beef roads fund, and $200 million will go to water infrastructure.  There will also be a $5 billion concessional loans facility. Read More


New jobs in high value industries for the Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coast has been ranked in second place as the best performing non-capital city region in Queensland – and the fifth best non-capital region in the country.

Construction and tourism are the two main drivers of the Coast’s economy – and with the lower Australian dollar, it’s looking to a bright future.

Health precinct, airport expansion & CBD developmentMooloolaba

The number of development applications has increased by 361% in one year.  This includes residential houses, retail premises, educational facilities, offices and accommodation.

Read More

Business skills needs analysis taking Monash to another level

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In 2014, Monash contributed 4.1% to Victoria’s employment and there’s no sign of growth slowing down anytime soon.

Keen to understand local businesses skills needs, the City of Monash is working alongside Workforce BluePrint, engaging enterprises and stakeholders to uncover evidence of capability gaps.

20 000+ businesses – 118 000+ jobs – $13.62 GRP

With Monash expected to grow to 207,727 by 2036 – a 13.46% rise in population from 2015 statistics – the City of Monash has put together the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan to support the number of people visiting and settling in Monash. Read More

Injecting innovation into small regional town with a big vision – Robe

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The South Australian Government has injected $80,000 into the Limestone Coast, to assist companies in the South-East develop effective and strategic business models.  Robe in particular, is on the cusp of economic growth, with new businesses starting up in the town – and the Government is taking notice.

Limestone Coast locals can access the Business Model Innovation Program, which helps participants rethink their current business model, explore new ways of running their business, and revenue diversification strategies.

Enabling employment in the Limestone Coast

The region is a great place to start a business.  Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast acts as a local facilitator for a number of Australian and South Australian government funded initiatives in fields such as export, food & wine and workforce development. Read More

Is your workforce holding back future business growth?

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Would you agree that to grow and expand your business whilst increasing profitability you need to have your workforce on board with your targets and future plans?

And you may be experiencing tension between shifts, team members or managers.  Perhaps job roles and reporting is unclear or behaviour and performance is left unchecked and the management team are not aligned?  Maybe you are an alliance of companies, perhaps in a regional location or industry sector, and a skilled local workforce is critical for your growth.

And what you really need to grow the business or region, considering export opportunities, is a switched on team, happy to suggest new ideas or products and better ways of doing things.  Able to deal with customer complaints and turn them into fans, with pride to say you work here and in non-metro locations particularly, a pool of local skilled people to draw upon.

Could it be time to get your Human Resource infrastructure sorted, and/or the evidence of the type of workforce you really need, and understand the skills needs to achieve your KPIs with production and sales targets?

Here are 9 tips on how to ensure that your workforce is not holding back future business growth: Read More

Transforming Geelong from traditional manufacturing to innovation

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Geelong’s unemployment rate has risen to nearly 7.5% – a 1.8% increase from the year before.  With blue and white-collar jobs drying up the city’s unemployment rate is hitting local youth the hardest.

90,000 young Victorians out of work – and no jobs

A recent article describes the 21% youth unemployment in Geelong as “an absolute crisis” – which is well beyond the state’s 16.3% rate.

“We have got youth unemployment at levels that we simply haven’t seen since the global financial crisis.  On top of that, we’ve seen a significant shift in employment overall,” Victorian Council of Social Services’ Chief Executive Emma King emphasised recently.

“So for young people, following such a shift in employment from manufacturing to the service industry, young people simply aren’t getting their fair share of jobs.”

But local groups and the Government are taking action – to help transforming Geelong from traditional manufacturing to innovation. Read More

Southern Adelaide: Leading the way in entrepreneurship and innovation

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Adelaide’s south has become a world-leading centre for innovation and collaboration, attracting international attention, just three years into a major 20-year transformation project.  With the state’s dedication to growth, alongside quality higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET), Adelaide is set to tackle its high unemployment rates of 8%.

With a $4.8million GRP, Southern Adelaide is made up of industrious, hard-working people with a strong sense of community and environment.  Commercial activity ranges from small, local businesses to worldwide leading exporters. Read More

Workforce development aimed at career success in Bendigo

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Bendigo, which is the fourth largest inland city in Australia, has an unemployment rate of 30.4% – with 3,400 less young people in work since 2010.  With numerous initiatives – both government and private – in place to give locals the greatest chance at career success in Bendigo is working towards combating their high unemployment rates through workforce development.

One third of local youth out of work

Bendigo’s Labour MP believes the unemployment rates in Bendigo are being affected by the 417-visa program – locking young local workers out of a job.  Nearly 250,000 working holiday visas issued each year were contributing to the 2,500 unemployed young people in Bendigo.

“I am especially concerned that the low rates (of pay) these workers accept, while they may be award rate, are less than the local collective agreement, and in this way our local workers are being serious undermined,” she said.

But the region is doing everything in their power to up skill their locals. Read More

Mildura: An economic hub of inland Australia requiring a skilled workforce

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The Mildura region has a vibrant economy that is continuing to grow and adapt to change.

While the traditional industries in the agriculture and horticulture sectors continue to contribute significantly to the regional economy (supplying 98% Australia’s dried fruit, 75% table grapes, 68% almonds and 20% of Australia’s wine grapes), other industry sectors are continuing to develop, such as manufacturing, property development, retail and construction.

All of which are strengthening and diversifying the region’s economy hence the need for a future workforce strategy.

The regional economy ($3 billion in GRP per year) continues to benefit from a strong increase in population, as many people discover the value and quality of life this dynamic region offers.

However a strong population doesn’t always mean requiring a skilled workforce – which is the case with Mildura. Read More

Moreton Bay: base for business and workforce expansion plus EDA conference

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Moreton Bay is the perfect balance of business and lifestyle.  A strategic location and access to the world, its 25,000+ businesses along with its highly skilled 185,000 workers, makes the region is the perfect base for business. With a $12.825 billion GRP, Moreton Bay is going from strength to strength.

Setting the scene for Australia’s economic future

The Moreton Bay region sits just north of Brisbane in the booming South East Queensland region.  With access to major transport routes – air, road, port and rail – it’s the perfect base for which to expand your business across Australia and the globe.

Moreton Bay generates an estimated $24.374 billion – representing 8.37% of the $291.225 billion in output generated in Greater Brisbane and 3.90% of Australia’s $625.273 billion output.

The region is undergoing a major transformation with big investment projects continuing to support economic activity.  Major projects include the Moreton Bay Rail Link, the Corso Project at North Lakes, and the Strathpine Gateway Project – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read More